Help Needed

               I’m going to ask a pretty big favor of you today. Rather than posting a motivational speech demanding that you jump out of a plane or throw yourself onto the back of a bull, I’m asking YOU to help ME live a more gratifying and fulfilling lifestyle. There is nothing I love more than witnessing other people reach their goals firsthand, but as of recently I’ve been selfishly caught up with crossing one thing after another off of my own list. I am in dire need of a change of pace, and as a result, I have made it my latest goal to focus on helping you cross something significant off your bucket list for every one thing that I cross off on mine. I don’t care how difficult or trivial it is, I just want to help you do something you’ve always dreamed of doing. Don’t hold back just because you think it might be too hard, nothing would ever be attempted if all possible objections had to first be overcome. To make it clear, I want nothing from you except to share the delight that will come when you finally reach your goal. I understand that I will not be able to help every person meet every item on their bucket list, but I also understand that I do have a chance to reduce a number of these unmet goals. I am in no way a master of bucket lists, I do not have any unusual talents, and I have never done anything that you are not capable of doing yourself. What I do have is drive, and passion, and an undying desire to help anyone who asks. So if there is still something on your bucket list that you might need help with, send me an email at or text me if you already have my number. Please help me out with this one.


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