The blog and the blogger

About People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why I recommend it daily. The reason I created this blog is to motivate and help every reader take a step closer towards fulfilling your bucket list and a step closer towards enriching your lives with new challenges and adventures. I encourage you to post your own goals and also to come up with new ones. I would be more than happy to help you with anything that you see crossed off my list, and if it’s not crossed off my list yet, you can bet I’ll do as much research as I need to make that thing possible for you. 

About me: I was born and raised in Fort Worth Texas, and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Texas. I grew up a pretty straight-laced, white bread kid. Very average, very ordinary. Nothing much has changed since then, except now I have a burning passion to ask people the question: What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? My comprehensive goal is to live a life of adventure while giving God the glory so that I can receive the joy of serving Him. What stories will you have to tell when it is all said and done? After all, we are the writers of our own story. Make yours one worth telling

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Project 365


         Life is meant to be fun. I believe in using thrill as therapy, in working hard for what you want, and in speaking up for what you believe in. I believe that, as we live, we should constantly be striving to get better at living. We cannot control what happens to us, yet we absolutely can control how we react to what happens to us. I believe in holding myself accountable to build a life that I love.

       That is why last year I bought a camera. Though the task sounded impossible at the time, I made it my goal to take a picture every single day for an entire year. My hope was that I would motivate myself to make each day more interesting than the last, using pictures as proof. When asked which of the pictures was my favorite, I wanted to be able to respond with, “the one that I’m going to take tomorrow.” So for the last 12 months, I learned how to use a camera and I also learned the true meaning of persistence.

        Looking back on all three-hundred and sixty-six (leap year) photos today, I realized that those static images have the uncanny ability to jar the memory and bring places and people back to life. They bridge the present with the past and also speak in the most universally understood language. Were it not for them, my experiences would have remained as imperfect memories of perfect moments. All photos speak a thousand words. This one contains a library.

The List (1-99)

1.      Graduate from the University of Texas

2.      Crowd surf

3.      Complete a triathlon

4.      Brew beer

5.      Perform as a street musician

6.      Take a photo every day for a year

7.      Go streaking

8.      Rappel into a sinkhole

9.      Alligator hunting

10.  Cross-Country motorcycle trip

11.  Go catfish noodling

12.  Learn to krump

13.  Fly a plane and get my pilot’s license

14.  Act of kindness every day for a year

15.  Skydive

16.  Scuba dive Florida’s freshwater caves

17.  Write and publish a book

18.  Hole-in-one

19.  Race a sports car

20.  Dune buggy in the desert

21.  Back flip on a bike

22.  Learn to salsa, waltz, and two step

23.  Bungee-jumping

24.  Help someone cross something off their bucket list

25.  Survive a natural disaster

26.  Get a Bartender’s license

27.  Attend Burning Man Festival

28.  Tip a cow

29.  Get into a fistfight and win

30.  Restore a classic car

31.  Read 10 books by winners of the Nobel Prize in Lit.

32.  Breathe fire

33.  Go trapeze flying

34.  Complete 6 months of the 100 thing challenge

35.  Explore a national park

36.  Write Yourself a Letter and Read it 10 Years Later

37.  Bag a buck

38.  Ride in the Albuquerque balloon fiesta

39.  Become completely trilingual

40.  Read the Bible front to cover

41.  Finish reading the Q’ran

42.  Missionary trip

43.  Storm surf a hurricane

44.  Whitewater kayaking

45.  Eat something while it’s alive

46.  Talk to a stranger every day for a month

47.  Run an Ultra Marathon

48.  See the northern lights

49.  Devote an entire week to serving others

50.  Hang Glide

51.  Barefoot skiing

52.  Beat my dad in chess

53.  Run through an entire state

54.  Learn to play a weird instrument

55.  Attend all 16 days of Oktoberfest

56.  Hold a political office

57.  Learn to sail

58.  Save someone’s life

59.  Own a parrot and teach it to talk

60.  Join a band

61.  Hire a mariachi band and serenade someone

62.  Kill and cook a thanksgiving turkey

63.  Create an app for the iPhone

64.  Take up astronomy

65.  200 hours of community service

66.  Go ice-fishing

67.  Heli-Ski Nevada’s Ruby Mountains

68.  Get a job that I would gladly do for free

69.  Help a homeless man get a fresh start

70.  Read a book every week for a year

71.  Learn 5 great magic tricks

72.  Learn 5 great jokes

73.  Win a fishing tournament

74.  Kiss the prettiest girl

75.  Triple Backflip

76.  Buy a boat

77.  Get airborne in a car

78.  Watch 30 documentaries in 30 days

79.  Go cliff-diving

80.  Spend a weekend with Trappist monks

81.  Learn to juggle 5 balls

82.  Write a song and produce it

83.  Practice molecular gastronomy

84.  Learn to computer program in 2 different languages

85.  Smoke a Cuban cigar

86.  Learn how to wolf whistle

87.  Join a secret society

88.  Sleep in a haunted house for one night

89.  Make up a word and add it to the dictionary

90.  Protest

91.  Enter in an Adventure Racing tournament

92.  Take kickboxing

93.  Learn to weld

94.  Write a thank-you note every day for a month

95.  Shoot a flaming bow and arrow

96.  Learn how to lucid dream

97.  Perform a ridiculously romantic stunt

98.  Go pole vaulting

99.  Ride a bull and stay on for 8 seconds