The List

  1. Graduate from the University of Texas
  2. Crowd surf
  3. Complete a triathlon
  4. Brew Beer 
  5. Perform as a street musician
  6. Take a photo every day for a year
  7. Go streaking in public
  8. Rappel into a sinkhole
  9. Alligator hunting
  10. Cross-Country motorcycle trip
  11. Go catfish noodling
  12. Learn to krump
  13. Fly a plane and get my pilot’s license
  14. Act of kindness every day for a year
  15. Skydive
  16. Go scuba-diving
  17. Write and publish a book
  18. Hole-in-one
  19. Perform (karaoke) in Nashville on Broadway St.
  20. See the Grand Canyon
  21. Race a sports car
  22. Dune buggy in the desert
  23. Back flip on a bike
  24. Learn to salsa, waltz, and two step
  25. Bungee-jumping
  26. Help someone cross something off their bucket list
  27. Survive a natural disaster
  28. Get a Bartender’s license
  29. Attend Burning Man Festival
  30. Tip a cow
  31. Get into a fistfight and win
  32. Land a kickflip
  33. Restore a classic car
  34. Read 10 books by winners of the Nobel Prize in Lit.
  35. Breathe fire
  36. Go trapeze flying
  37. Complete 6 months of the 100 thing challenge
  38. Explore a national park
  39. Write Yourself a Letter and Read it 10 Years Later
  40. Hunt duck, deer, and dove
  41. Ride in the Albuquerque hot-air balloon festival
  42. Become completely trilingual
  43. Read the Bible front to cover
  44. Read the Q’ran front to cover
  45. Missionary trip
  46. Storm surf a hurricane
  47. Whitewater rafting
  48. Eat something while it’s alive
  49. Talk to a stranger every day for a month
  50. Run an Ultra Marathon
  51. See the northern lights
  52. Devote an entire week to serving others
  53. Hang Glide
  54. Barefoot waterskiing
  55. Beat my dad in chess
  56. Run through an entire state
  57. Learn to play a weird instrument
  58. Attend all 16 days of Oktoberfest
  59. Hold a political office
  60. Learn to sail
  61. Drink in an Ice Pub
  62. Completely “unplug” for a week
  63. Learn how to flyboard 
  64. Take a ten day roadtrip with friends
  65. Save someone’s life
  66. Own a parrot and teach it to talk
  67. Join a band
  68. Hire a mariachi band and serenade someone
  69. Kill and cook a thanksgiving turkey
  70. Create a mobile app 
  71. Take up astronomy
  72. Blow something up with Tannarite
  73. 200 hours of community service
  74. Go ice-fishing
  75. Heli-Ski Nevada’s Ruby Mountains
  76. Get a job that I would gladly do for free
  77. Help a homeless man get a fresh start
  78. Read a book every week for a year
  79. Learn 5 great magic tricks
  80. Learn 5 great jokes
  81. Win a fishing tournament
  82. Triple Backflip
  83. Buy a boat
  84. Get airborne in a car
  85. Watch 30 documentaries in 30 days
  86. Go cliff-diving
  87. Spend a weekend with Trappist monks
  88. Learn to juggle 5 balls
  89. Write a song and produce it
  90. Practice molecular gastronomy
  91. Learn to computer program in 2 different languages
  92. Smoke a Cuban cigar
  93. Learn how to wolf whistle
  94. Join a secret society
  95. Sleep in a haunted house for one night
  96. Hand roll my own cigars
  97. Protest
  98. Enter in an Adventure Racing tournament
  99. Take kickboxing
  100. Learn to weld
  101. Write a thank-you note every day for a month
  102. Shoot a flaming bow and arrow
  103. Learn how to lucid dream
  104. Perform a ridiculously romantic stunt
  105. Go pole vaulting
  106. Ride a bull and stay on for 8 seconds
  107. Train Hop
  108. Hit a homerun
  109. Backpack through Europe
  110. Become a registered organ donor
  111. Race in a color run
  112. Partake in a 6-month sabbatical
  113. Learn to play ‘Claire De Lune’ on the piano
  114. Do donuts in a parking lot
  115. Go paintballing in the woods
  116. Go camel-trekking through the desert
  117. Become a foster parent
  118. Leave Las Vegas richer than I arrived
  119. Sell time-shares in a different country
  120. Deep-sea fishing
  121. Sneak into the Monte Carlo Casino 
  122. Attend an all-black church service
  123. Visit a concentration camp
  124. Live on a ranch
  125. Donate $10,000 anonymously
  126. Front row tickets to a concert
  127. Help start a not-for-profit organization
  128. Climb one of the 7 summits
  129. Hunt and kill at least one of the Big 5
  130. Get a business degree
  131. See all ‘501 must see movies’
  132. Fly an open cockpit airplane
  133. Quit something every Thursday for a year
  134. Visit 25 US states, 20 different countries and 7 different continents
  135. Take up fly fishing
  136. Live an entire week homeless with no money
  137. Bike ride through Nat. Geographic’s 10 Best Trails
  138. Live to see my great grandchildren
  139. Create a website
  140. 5:59 minute mile, 20 pull-ups, and 100 pushups
  141. Learn to play lacrosse
  142. Fill a gratitude journal with 1000 entries
  143. Learn to play guitar
  144. Take a cruise
  145. Feed a wild animal from my mouth
  146. Memorize a bible verse every week for a year
  147. Date someone who is 10 years older
  148. Create a multi-generational family tree
  149. Charm a snake
  150. Hitch-hike
  151. Help make an independent film
  152. Go bowfishing
  153. Own a pair of bongo drums
  154. Join in on a food-fight
  155. Start a bonfire on the beach
  156. Expand human knowledge in an area of expertise
  157. Join a rugby team
  158. Represent myself in the court of law and win
  159. Learn to sing well
  160. Survive 72 hours in the wild with nothing but a knife
  161. Graffiti
  162. Go to a monster truck rally
  163. Wall flip
  164. Take up calligraphy
  165. Moon someone out of a moving vehicle
  166. Have a beer with a homeless man
  167. Kiss a total stranger
  168. Milk a poisonous snake
  169. Drop into a 15 foot skateboard ramp
  170. Mardi-Gras in New Orleans
  171. Throw the most badass party ever
  172. Learn how to prepare a flaming Dr. Pepper shot
  173. Ride an elephant
  174. Become a bounty hunter
  175. New Year’s Eve in Time Square
  176. 7 day religious fast
  177. Visit half of the United States
  178. Learn to tie a cherry stem with my tongue
  179. Become Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash Certified
  180. Attend Bonnaroo music festival
  181. Learn how to give a full body Swedish massage
  182. Start a business
  183. Own a strange animal for a pet
  184. Light a match with a .22 rifle
  185. Go mudding
  186. Play the ultimate prank
  187. Complete the milk challenge
  188. Sneak backstage at a concert
  189. Go couch-surfing
  190. Finish an Ironman Triathlon
  191. Learn how to count cards
  192. Volunteer as a fireman
  193. Be in a flash mob
  194. Red paperclip challenge
  195. Design a new product with a 3D printer
  196. Build and test my own surfboard
  197. Build a church
  198. Give a TED talk
  199. Backflip on a wakeboard
  200. Capture a fly and put it on a leash
  201. Swim with sharks
  202. Join a biker gang
  203. Eno from at least twenty feet up
  204. Grow an epic beard
  205. Attend Glastonbury Festival
  206. Perform stand-up comedy live
  207. Kiss a stranger in public without any exchange of words
  208. Buy a last minute plane ticket to “the hell outta here”
  209. Go whale watching
  210. Sand Boarding
  211. Become a member of a foreign-exchange student organization
  212. Kiss the prettiest girl I know
  213. Become an ordained minister
  214. Go hog-hunting with a knife
  215. Tickle a fish
  216. Fly in an open-air glider
  217. Practice anthropomorphic taxidermy
  218. Help someone in distress
  219. Adopt a child financially through
  220. Write an Ethical Will


26 thoughts on “The List

  1. Thank you for stopping by and I’m happy you’re embarking on your own journey. Life listers are a small minority and when I meet another one, it makes me ecstatic. I’m going to track your progress, as you’ve put an amazing dent in your list already. Nice to have met you.

  2. I have an idea for your book! IDK if this has already been done…. but just write a book about this blog and call it the bucket list.

  3. alex, this blog is absolutely incredible! you’ve inspired me to start my own..these days its so easy to get caught up with the stresses of everyday life, but we need to look at the big picture and live life. I’m going to start one of those grattitude lists, and today I am eternally grateful for your blog. When did you decide to start it? Did it cost any money to set up? 🙂 x

    • Thanks! Happy to hear that you are eager to start one of your own blogs. I started it a couple of weeks into the summer and it’s just a small fee every month through wordpress, but there are other websites you can start-up with for free. Keep in mind that the goal is not to go viral, but rather to set hearts on fire and stir up passion. Let me know if you have any more questions about it

      • yes definitely, I think having a blog would help to motivate me to work through my list as well, and I can share my experience with others

  4. Just wanted to let you know that this blog is so incredible. I feel the exact same way as you about so many of the things you’ve voiced your thoughts on (but have never been able to put them to words). Keep writing, I, and I’m sure many other people, find your entries to be super intriguing, mind-opening and inspiring.

  5. I was really intrigued by #69 on your Bucket List. I am actually currently working on the same goal! I have a blog about it, feel free to read it! It is It’s got some other things too, but I’m currently working on getting a homeless man off the streets. Hope you enjoy and I absolutely adore your blog!

  6. Hiya Alex 🙂
    You are amazing! The things you have already done is such a huge accomplishment and the things that you still want to do is really inspirational. I really hope you keep to the list and add more and more to it as you grow. As i was reading through I was surprised with a few of the things on your list such as being a foster parent, do a missionary trip and save someones life. You seem like you are incredible and are a truly inspirational.
    For your number 122. Visit 20 different countries, 7 different continents you should defiantly visit New Zealand. It is really pretty and there is so much to see and do 🙂
    Thank you for inspiring me into becoming a better person 🙂

  7. I have my own bucket-list but I always for some reason find an excuse to not do it. but after reading this and seeing everything you’ve accomplished I will do it. We only have one life and I just got to do it. enjoy it document it and one day when someone asks what was the things I’ve accomplished I could tell them stories about the different things I’ve done. I love your blog and the fact that you document it seems more special. Thanks for inspiring me to accomplish my bucket-list time is running out.. It’s now or never.

  8. Dear Alex,
    i just wanted to let you know that you are inspiring people from all around the world (I’m from Amsterdam). Your blogposts are very touching and I wish there were more people who look as positive on life as you do. The way you help others achieve their goals and involve others with your goals is also lovely to see. I hope you will continue achieving goals on your bucket list and post your adventures on your blog.

  9. Pingback: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why I recommend it daily.” | The bucket list

  10. This is amazing and so creative, congratulations on crossing so many off already! I never realised how inventive you could be with it- this has inspired me to write my own, thanks !

  11. What a list you made! I don’t think I could ever think of that many things that I want to complete in my lifetime and you have so many already crossed off! This blog is definitely an inspiration to me and others to create a bucket list and actually complete the things on it. Your blog is awesome and I hope that you one day get to complete your whole list! Although, I don’t think I could ever sleep in a haunted house for one night so good luck on that one! Ice fishing is pretty fun also.

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  13. This list brought tears to my eyes. It’s so clear you have such a big heart and an incredibly adventurous spirit. I love it. So Much. I’ll be following you along to watch this list get a bit scratched up 🙂

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