What’s Next

Next items to be crossed off of the list:

#62 Completely “unplug” for a week

#160 Survive 72 hours in the wild with nothing but a knife

#206 Perform stand-up comedy live


Next Post: October 20th, 2016


One thought on “What’s Next

  1. Your A guy? I thought this was a woman – then I saw your photos. You said you would help someone who needed help with a – Bucket List. Well, i want to start a blog… help 🙂 -Two days ago I was thinking about my 10 year old daughter and I – we spend every Saturday doing something new together. We have a blast trying new things together (our Bucket List) I want to share this with others. My mother spent little time with me. I also see how my friends put trying to make more $ before spending time with their kids. Time goes so fast and these memories my daughter and and are making will last a lifetime – I want to inspire other mothers and fathers. Today I went to the book store and looked through some blogging books and I googled information – any advice? Thanks

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